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GS Summit
November 18–19, 2014. Russia, St.Petersburg
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Visa Support

Foreign citizens need a visa to enter the territory of Russia. You may ask for conditions and details of visa issuance at a Russian consular department in your country of residence.

To obtain a tourist visa:
1. Contact a Consulate of the Russian Federation in your country to receive actual information on the rules and requirements to get the Russian visa.
2. Prepare the required set of documents:
• An original, valid, and signed passport with at least one blank page, valid for at least 6 months after the end of your stay.
• Two signed copies of the Russian visa application form (questionnaire), with all fields completed.
• A photo 3.5*4.5cm, signed on the reverse. (Attention! Some consular departments require 2 photos 3.5*4.5).
• An insurance
• A tourist invitation (tourist’s voucher and confirmation) – see below To receive the invitation.
3. Apply to the Consulate to fix the date and time for the interview.
4. Fill in the questionnaire and pay the consular fee.
5. Collect your passport with the Russian visa from the Consulate on the specified date and check all the data carefully (or find out the reasons given for a visa refusal).
6. Learn what the entry requirements to Russia are.
7. At your arrival, the hotel staff will help you to register in Russia (migration registration).

To book the hotel and receive the invitation:
1. Please, download and fill in the reservation form (the questionnaire and the letter of guarantee: in case of no-show, 1,500 rubles – about USD 40 - for issuing the invitation will be charged from your account) and send it to the manager of Ambassador hotel Ms. Aleksandra Prilutskaya:
2. Please, send to Ms. Alexandra also two documents:
a) a copy of your passport;
b) a two-sided copy of your banking card.
3. As a next step, the hotel will send you the final invitation.

Please note:
• The official site of GS Summit 2014 is Hotel Ambassador. If you wish to stay at another hotel, please, ask the staff of that hotel for conditions and details for getting the invitation.
• When you receive the invitation, please, check all the information carefully. In case of any errors contact us immediately.
• Please note the deadline for submission of documents for Russian visa. Depending on the country, the visa preparation term may take from 3 to 32 days.
• In some countries there are special conditions due to the visa agreements with Russia, concerning tourist visits:

can enter the Russian Federation without visa:
Citizens of Abkhazia, Argentina, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Brazil, Chile, Columbia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Israel, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Macao, Nicaragua, Peru, South Ossetia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Uruguay, Venezuela

can enter the Russian Federation without visa for staying no longer than 14 days:
Citizens of Hong Kong

can enter the Russian Federation without visa for staying no longer than 30 days:
Citizens of Cuba, Montenegro, Serbia (biometric passport is required), Thailand, Turkey

can enter the Russian Federation without visa but must have original documents of visa support (invitation and voucher) at hand:
Citizens of Bosnia and Hetzegovina, Croatia, FYR Macedonia

We are looking forward to meet you in St. Petersburg!