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GS Summit
November 18–19, 2014. Russia, St.Petersburg
GS Summit:
Bringing Investment, Technology, Partnership and Content to Broadcast

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Leading world industry experts of television broadcasting discussed ways to generate profits through content monetization and implementation of additional subscriber services at the second International GS Summit held on November 18-19, 2014 in St. Petersburg, Russia. The Summit organizer – the GS Group investment and industry holding company.

The issue of increasing ARPU under the conditions of limited subscriber base and in a highly competitive and saturated market is one of the most urgent topics for the representatives of leading telecommunications companies from around the world invited to attend the Summit. Delegates included international and Russian content providers and technological solutions providers. GS Group experts presented the opportunities of using local video content of in-house production as the main driver of sales by the example of the One TV broadcast platform in Cambodia. Representatives of foreign content providers unveiled features of various Pay TV platforms, demand for national video content in local markets and factors influencing the user when choosing content. The GS Group strategic partner and second largest DTH operator in the world, Tricolor TV claimed dependence of the Pay TV operators’ profitability on content policy. Speakers also dedicated presentations to opportunities of second screen usage, Ultra HD, strategies for telecommunications development and the TV digitalization in new markets.

Sergey Dolgopolskiy, GR, PR and IR Director, Foreign projects, GS Group, pointed out that one of the GS Summit objectives was to reach mutually beneficial agreements among representatives of the leading telecommunications companies:

"At the second GS Summit we highlighted the features of implementing international broadcasting projects, the challenges encountered and ways of addressing complex problems, both technical and administrative by nature. Today we introduced a theoretical point of view on ways for potential cooperation but also shared experiences of working with local partners on specific examples from GS Group."

On November 19, GS Summit delegates participated in three-dozen business meetings where they discussed questions touched upon in the reports, current projects and opportunities of potential cooperation in the global market.

This year the GS Summit organizers mark the increased number of registered participants, which indicates the interest of the professional community toward events of such format. A two-day Summit in St. Petersburg brought together around 100 world industry experts of television broadcasting from France, Great Britain, Finland, Russia, China, India, Pakistan, Cambodia, Sri Lanka and other countries. The delegates included representatives of Tricolor TV, Ericsson, Multi Channels Asia, Times Global Broadcasting Company Lt, Cable Media Group Pakistan, MStar Corporation and other GS Group partners.